Occupational Health and Safety Policy

PRO RIG Pty Ltd is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for employees, contractors, clients and visitors. This commitment extends to ensuring that our operations do not place the local community at risk of injury, illness or property damage.

People are our most important asset and their health and safety is our greatest responsibility. We aim to provide a work environment without injuries or incidents.

Our objectives are:

  • To identify and reduce the risk of all types of work activities that may produce personal injury or illness, damage or security breaches.
  • To provide information, instruction, training and supervision to employees, contractors and clients to increase personal understanding of workplace hazards including safe work practices and emergency preparedness.
  • To involve individuals in occupational health and safety matters and consult with them on ways to recognise, evaluate and control workplace hazards.
  • To lead and encourage employees behaviour and initiatives that contribute to a safer and improved work environment at all levels in the company
  • To provide systems and resources for health care, health promotion and rehabilitation.
  • To consult with government bodies and other industry group in the development of standards, controls strategies and monitoring techniques and conform with all legislative requirements.
  • To strengthen our bisiness by making safety and health issues an integral part of our business


PRO RIG is committed to continuous improvement of safety and health performance through the development of safety management systems that conforms to recognised standards including AS 4801

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