Why you should choose PRO RIG


When exploring our business in detail, it is important to understand the grave responsibility that PRO RIG and their stakeholders undertake in this industry. Many factors come into play in an arena that ensures management is ever watchful of team performance and safety whilst balancing productive output. Poor decisions and planning can mean time consuming and costly delays.

Any successful business needs top flight management and processes. PRO RIG has developed an efficient business model that provides fast communication with all stakeholders. This means jobs are focussed on and any challenges that present are quickly and efficiently dealt with.

Meeting budgets

Using modern accounting and costing practises PRO RIG keeps a tight control on all expenditure and yet ensures that all jobs provide the appropriate margin for utilisation of best practise materials, methods, and skills. Close consultation with our clients at all times ensures that budget milestones are benchmarked and agreed upon..

Quality workmanship

This is a founding attribute that PRO RIG has built its reputation upon within the industry. Many years of industry exposure with high-end infrastructure projects, has allowed work processes to be streamlined and perfected. These smart working practices and attention to planning contribute to a standard of workmanship that sets our crew apart from the rest. High work standards are fostered within the PRO RIG culture by conscious team building and professional development.

Environmentally responsible

In this day and age we are measured by many performance indicators. It is vital that contractors reflect the image of their clients when dealing with environmental caretaking. Site cleanliness, prevention of weed spread and the Equine Influenza control are matters of priority for all project stakeholders. PRO RIG crew men know they must play their role in ensuring that sites are left clean and that any remediation of equipment and terrain is carried out to the full satisfaction of the client and any legislation that might be relevant to the site.


PRO RIG understands the deadlines and demands faced when working towards target dates and milestones. Our involvement within any given project, regardless of the capacity, means that our focus mirrors that or our client, and all efforts are made to achieve agreed objectives. We deem ourselves to be a reliable, capable and a productive presence on short and long-term projects. Our project history reflects this claim as relations with our key clients strengthen and evolve.

Customer driven ethos.

Whilst it is common to say the customer is always right we reserve the right based on our experience to do a lot of “straight talking”. This collaborative approach as to how jobs can be undertaken has been responsible for a number of projects having an “edge” either on budgets, timelines or both. Twenty years in rigging makes for many jobs and thousands of man-hours in some of the most complex areas of the country. We work to become part of “your team” and recognise that our clients have to meet complex second party needs. PRO RIG is not a “yes mans” business it is one based on many years of competent and hard earned experience that make us the most successful riggers in the country. 

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