Services provided by PRO RIG

Stringing Power Lines.

The process of “Stringing” a power line is where wire is rolled out along and fixed to the towers. Generally, power lines stretch across wide areas and have multiple sets of wires running along its length, making the task all the more complex. The logistics, planning and execution of stringing kilometres of multiple wires to a line is highly specialised and intensive. Power lines cross many high risk areas like roads, railways, buildings or bodies of water making safety and risk assessment a primary focus. PRO RIG manages all aspects of this...more

Fibre Optic Cable Stringing (OPGW).

Stringing Fibre Optic Cable requires extra care because the cable itself is fragile and is easily damaged. Fibre Optic technology is relatively new so there are many existing power lines that where built with out it. The Fibre Optic cable has a dual purpose as an earthing wire for the line and acts as part of a telecommunications network....more

Extra High Voltage Transmission.

PRORIG experience and related activities with Extra High Voltage Transmission ...more

High and Low Voltage- (HV/LV) Distribution .

PRORIG experience and related activities with High & Low Voltage (HV/LV) Distribution ...more

Sub Station Work.

PRO RIG has knowledge and experience in Sub-Station ...more

Rigging via Helicopter.

Rigging within the Energy Industry becomes quite complex when building or maintaining Electrical towers and lines. The many variables involved demands extreme caution, skill and experience. Often, the terrain dictates the type of plant and equipment that can be used, but costs and risks are also closely weighed when planning site work. ...more

Rigging via Crane and Jib Pole.

Cranes are more widely used across the rigging industry in general. PRO RIG personnel are experienced with a large range of cranes. Our ticketed Dogmen, Riggers and Scaffolders have sound knowledge of Crane set up, use and working closely with the Crane operator. Again communication is vital and high levels of safety are paramount. ...more


PRO RIG is capable of providing a broad range of services. Scaffolding is used for a variety of different processes within the construction and energy industry. Often used for hurdles and erected for protection around power lines, roads or rail crossings, footpaths, fences or buildings whilst stringing overhead. PRO RIG offers; ...more


Telecommunication / Radio Mast (Experience and related activities) ...more


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