Rigging via Crane and Jib Pole


Cranes are more widely used across the rigging industry in general. PRO RIG personnel are experienced with a large range of cranes. Our ticketed Dogmen, Riggers and Scaffolders have sound knowledge of Crane set up, use and working closely with the Crane operator. Again communication is vital and high levels of safety are paramount.

PRO RIG has the knowledge and experience with

  • All terrain cranes, track cranes, mobile slew cranes, tower cranes, lattice boom cranes, rough terrain cranes.
  • Crane set up and fly and needle installation.
  • Certified Dogman, Advanced Riggers, Advanced Scaffolders. Experienced with mancage work.
  • Experienced with complex, single and dual lifts.

Jib Pole (Derrick)

PRO RIG can turn their hand to using any piece of equipment relevant to their job specification

  • Used when onsite work area or site access is limited.
  • Used when crane height is limited. 

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