Rigging via Helicopter

The use of Helicopters to Draw Wire in the process of Transmission Line Stringing increases as the rugged terrain inhibits access for Cranes or EWP (Elevated Work Platforms). This is highly specialised rigging which demands extreme caution, skill and experience.

With 20 years experience in NZ and Australia, PRO RIG Crew men understand all that is at stake when working with a helicopter. It calls for maximum use of experience and requires highly skilled personnel. Communication is paramount and all personnel must adhere to strict safety protocol. The crew must assess all risk and mitigate any potential threat to themselves, the public or plant.PRO RIG has had experience with helicopters whilst working on power lines (both live and de-energised), steel erection work; and installation of High Voltage Air Conditioners on high rise buildings.

Helicopter applications are used

  • Where access by ground is nil or limited for cranes or jib poles.
  • In Tower erection or dismantle.
  • To transport personnel.
  • In the stringing process where the helicopter is used to pull sections of wire through the pulleys along the line.
  • To transport equipment into/from site or straight onto/from the tower.  

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