Stringing Power Lines

The process of “Stringing” a power line is where wire is rolled out along and fixed to the towers. Generally, power lines stretch across wide areas and have multiple sets of wires running along its length, making the task all the more complex. The logistics, planning and execution of stringing kilometres of multiple wires to a line is highly specialised and intensive. Power lines cross many high risk areas like roads, railways, buildings or bodies of water making safety and risk assessment a primary focus. PRO RIG manages all aspects of this.

PRO RIG has been heavily involved in the Stringing process for many projects and has a reputation for being the best in the business. Our highly skilled and experienced crew work so fluently during this process, that they often accomplish targets ahead of time and/or budget.

PRO RIG is experienced in all aspects of stringing. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Set up: Hanging Pulleys, erecting hurdles (bridging structures), setting up winch/brake sites,
  • Pulling Draw Wire and Conductor wire.
  • Clamping of Suspension Towers.
  • Strain Towers.
  • Sagging Wire.
  • Installation of Spacers.


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